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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

June 15, 2018

Two 4-H Families Host FLEX Students for 2018-19

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

During the 2018-19 school year, Kansas will be hosting students from Ukraine and Poland as part of States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs’ (States’ 4-H) FLEX Academic Year Program (AYP).  The students will be arriving August 8 and depart at the end of May.  They will attend high school and participate in 4-H during the period they are in Kansas. The FLEX program emphasizes volunteerism, civic engagement and sharing their culture with Americans.  They are selected for their prior involvement in volunteer activities, academic strengths and ability to communicate in English.  Local coordinators for the students will be agents in the counties where their host families are active in 4-H.  The exchange students, their host families, their 4-H counties, their local coordinators, and their high schools are as follows:

  • Yelyzaveta (Liza) Borysenko, Ukraine, Ron and Kristie Moon, Geary County, Ginger Kopfer, Chapman High School.
  • Daria Pieczynska, Poland, Jason and Rocky Beck, Morris County, Lori Bammerlin, White City High School.

We look forward to working with Ginger and Lori to help Liza, Daria, the Moons and the Becks have a good year.  The students will be teaching workshops and giving presentations about their home countries throughout the school year.  If neighboring counties would like to invite them to share their cultures with local audiences, contact Mary Kay Munson, AYP coordinator, at 785-238-3631 or munson@ksboadband.net