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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

October 15, 2018

4-H Horse Project

Submitted by Pam Van Horn

The new 4-H year has begun … let’s start off on the right “hoof” with the 4-H Horse project. Here are step-by-step guides to aid 4-H members for being successful!

1. Enroll for 4-H through 4HOnline at http://ks.4honline.com. Be sure to follow the directions throughout the enrollment process.

2. Go to http://www.kansas4-h.org/projects/animals/horse.html and download the Horse ID Certification or use the ID from 2017-2018. Complete this form and print it front and back on one sheet of paper. Be sure to attach a picture to the back of this form. The 4-H’er, parent, and Extension Agent needs to sign and date this form. The local Extension Office needs to keep a copy of the form; the original needs to accompany the 4-H’er. This form will need to be taken to all 4-H horse shows and shown at check-in time for events such as the 4-H District and State Shows.

3. On the 4-H Horse web page (address is above), download the current Kansas 4-H Horse Show Rule Book revised 2018. These rules will be followed at all 4-H Horse Shows, including 4-H District and State Shows.

4. If you are interested in showing at the 4-H District and State Shows, download the Kansas Standard of Excellence Horse Achievement Level I booklet. Complete the booklet and the Leadership section (section 2 of the booklet). Take the booklet to your local Extension Office. The 4-H’er, parent and Extension Agent must sign the front page. The front page and Leadership section (section 2, page 14) and $10 will be sent by the Extension Office to the Kansas 4-H State 4-H Office.

5. The 4-H’er must complete a written exam that can either be done on line or sent by the State Office. The exam needs to be proctored by the Extension Agent or 4-H Horse Leader (preferably not the 4-H’ers parent). The State Office will send pass or fail notification of written exam. If the exam must be retaken the 4-H’er must send an additional $5 to the State 4-H Office.

6. Once 4-H member passes the written exam portion of the Achievement Level, the 4-H member needs to visit with the 4-H Horse Project Leader to verify if he/she needs contact the Achievement Level tester or the 4-H Horse Project Leader will contact Achievement Level tester for the Horsemanship Skills test. It shall be the responsibility of the Achievement Level tester to send the State 4-H Office the results of the Horsemanship Skills test; however double checking with the tester would be a great idea.

Note that Achievement Level Testing must be completed before the District 4-H Horse Show deadline in order for a 4-H member to participate.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Extension Office. If Agents have questions they need to contact the State Office.

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