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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

October 15, 2018

Kansas 4-H SpaceTech Changes for 2018-19

Submitted by Deryl E. Waldren

Kansas 4-H SpaceTech currently has five project areas: rockets, robotics, astronomy, computers and unmanned aerial systems. The Kansas 4-H SpaceTech Action Team routinely looks at participation levels of all the project areas. The participation in the GPS/GIS project declined over a number of years. The suspension that began for the 2016-17 4-H program year will continue for an additional year for GPS/GIS, to gather input as to how GPS/GIS best interfaces with Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Note that you may create a local self-determined GPS/GIS project using a 4Honline project alias. For the 2019 Kansas State Fair, all class numbers and text referring to GPS/GIS will remain removed.

In addition, the Robotics Challenge will remain on hiatus for the 2018-19 program year. Final decisions will be made in summer 2019, as to sun setting or to revamping GPS/GIS and the Robotics Challenge. If you have comments or thoughts, please send them to Deryl Waldren, Faculty Liaison for the Kansas 4-H SpaceTech Action Team, at dwaldren@ksu.edu, or telephone him at 785-462-6281.

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