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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

October 15, 2018

North Central 4-H Volunteer Impact Study Update

Submitted by Shane Potter

We are excited to share that our state will be participating in 4-H Volunteer Impact Study of volunteers in the North Central Region.

This survey is being conducted as a part of 12 state effort to document the impact of volunteering. It will focus on three areas:
• the personal benefits of volunteer experience;
• the impact volunteers have on the organization by volunteering; and
• how volunteer efforts contribute to the community in which they live and work.

A random sample of volunteers of 1000 volunteers from each state will be surveyed. This study will be conducted completely through an electronic survey. If a volunteer has been selected they will receive an e-mail to let them know they have been selected to participate.

The comments will be used to quantify the personal, organizational and public impacts of volunteers involved with 4-H Youth Development Programs in our twelve state region.

The email invitation will be customized for each state. The Kansas surveys will come from Wade Weber.

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