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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

October 15, 2020

Medal Orders

Submitted by Dona Ratliff

Copies of forms to use in reporting 2020 local Extension Unit may be located at: https://www.kansas4-h.org/staff-downloads/resources/index.html under Recognition.

Please have your order turned in NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS (10 Business Days) before you need it! We will not be able to guarantee you will receive your order by when you need it if we do not have sufficient time to fill it. All charges for expedited shipping will be invoiced to the extension unit.

Project Pins are ordered through the KSRE bookstore using the 2020 4-H Pin Order Form.  Please submit all your orders for project pins by going to the above link.  Club Seals (purple seals) and key awards will still be handled through the State 4-H Office. Achievement Pins are purchased directly through Shop4-H (previously known as the 4-H Mall).

Again, to ensure timely delivery, we must have your forms, including the Key Award request, AT LEAST TWO WEEKS (10 Business Days) BEFORE the county/district achievement event.

PROJECT RECOGNITION: If, at the county/district level, separate winners are selected in different award areas than the State Award Program (for example, Beef or Bucket Calf; Fiber Arts or Knitting and Crochet;  Foods and Nutrition or Bread/Food Preservation; Dairy Cattle or Dairy Goats; Pets or Cats;  Visual Arts or Arts and Crafts; and Wildlife or Sport Fishing) the selection committee will need to name the one Kansas 4-H Award Portfolio (KAP) to represent the county/district in Beef, Foods and Nutrition, Plant Science, Dairy, Pets, Visual Arts, Fiber Arts, and Wildlife at the 2021 Regional KAP Screening.

Please remember:

  • The category known as Energy Management includes: Electricity/Electronics; Small Engines; and Power of the Wind.

  • The Plant Science category includes Forestry.

  • Please remember that Visual Arts and Performing Arts are two separate award categories. Please note that there are separate award medals for Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

  • Regional Screening (January 2021) and State Project Awards Judging (March 2021) will require the Kansas 4-H Awards Portfolio (KAP).

MEMBER ACHIEVEMENT PINS: To order Member Achievement Pins, order directly from Shop4-H.  Direct links to the correct pins can be found below:

     Silver Guard
     Gold Guard


4-H REPORTERS’ NOTEBOOKS: For the 2019/2020 4-H year, we will not be evaluating reporter’s notebooks.  This may resume in future years.

KEY AWARD:  Also enclosed with this letter is a copy of the County/District Report – List of 4-H Key Award Recipients. Follow the instructions on this form.  We will accept both versions of the Key Award that can be found here:  https://www.kansas4-h.org/resources/4-h-library/awards-and-recognition/key-award.html. As was in 2019, all Key Awards will be the same, a pin for every youth that qualifies.

CLUB SEAL RECOGNITION: Purple seals for club recognition are ordered at the bottom of the Report Form for county/district winners. If you have continued to award club seals other than purple, you will need to purchase your own through Shop4-H or a local vendor.

LEADER SEALS, CERTIFICATES, AND FRAMES: Leader seals must also be purchased from Shop4-H or a local vendor.  Certificates of Recognition Kansas 4-H Leader (MG10) and frames for leader certificates are ordered through regular procedures from the KSRE Bookstore. Remember, frames purchased from the Bookstore will be invoiced later by the Kansas 4-H Foundation. You will not need to pre-pay.