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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

October 15, 2020

4-H Camp Summer 2021 Dates

Submitted by Amy Sollock

After what felt like a very odd summer 2020 4-H season without camp, we are pleased to announce that we have dates scheduled for summer 2021!

Mark your calendars and save the following dates!  If you are unsure as to which camp group you belong to, please check with your local Extension Office. 

Fantastic 4 Camp: June 6-9
Great Northwest Camp: June 9-12
Pioneer Trails Camp: June 12-15
Sunny Hills Camp: June 15-18
Purple Power Pack Camp: June 18-21
Heart of Kansas Camp: June 21-24
Oz-some Camp: June 24-27
Campference: June 27-30

4-H camp in 2021 will begin to see new health protocols, as well as some improved health facilities, expedited by the Covid-19 pandemic. Please know that Kansas 4-H and Rock Springs Ranch are committed to providing a safe environment for both campers and staff.  We are looking forward to returning to camp in 2021 and believe it will be better than ever!