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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

October 15, 2020

2020 Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo Results – Division 1 & 2

Submitted by Deryl E Waldren

The 2020 Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo in-person program scheduled in August in Wichita was cancelled due to COVID-19. However, part of the program continued in Divisions 1 and 2, which involved growing wheat by 4-H members (Division 1) and the adopt-a-producer program (Division 2). The wheat samples were submitted to the KSU Wheat Quality Lab in Manhattan for testing.

Plans call for the resumption of the 2021 Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo in an-person format next year. Stay tuned for details. Planning team members include: Stephanie Hays, Alicia Boor, Yonghui Li, Randy Hein, Jodi Drake, Elly Sneath, Vicki Simonsen, Anita DeWeese, Kyle Grant, Gengjun Chen, and Deryl Waldren. Thanks to everyone who helped plan the 2020 wheat expo that unfortunately was cancelled.

Awards were given in two divisions. Premium monies for those individuals will be awarded and mailed to participants in the near future. The results in each division are:

Division 1 – 1 lb. Wheat, Produced by 4-H member (6 exhibits)
1st –Grayson Maxwell, Pawnee County, Mint variety
2nd - Truman Hooker, Sunflower - Goodland, Langin variety
3rd – Bridget Wells, Sumner County, Bob Dole variety

Division 2 – 1 lb. Wheat, Adopt-a-Wheat Producer (1 exhibit)
1st – Addison Maxwell, Pawnee County, Mint variety

For more information about the Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo, contact Deryl Waldren at 303-349-7403 or e-mail: dwaldren@ksu.edu.