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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

September 15, 2021

Outbound 4-H Exchanges Announced for Summer 2022

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs for 4-H members next summer are now (9/20) described on the Kansas 4-H web site:  States' 4-H International Exchange Program (kansas4-h.org).   Countries offered to 12-18 or 15-18 year-olds are Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan, Norway, Romania, South Korea and Taiwan.  All these exchanges are 3-4 weeks except the extended exchange in Japan which adds a language and culture study program before the home stay for an additional 4 weeks in Tokyo.  All except Argentina include home stays with local families.  Flyers describing each exchange are posted on the web site as well as comparisons between the exchanges.  A link to the online application for States’ 4-H Exchanges is found on the Kansas 4-H web page.  Completed applications will be forwarded to Kansas.

Numerous countries are offered to individuals beyond 4-H age exchanges through the IFYE program managed by IFYE Association of the USA, Inc.  Individuals can participate beginning in June for 2, 3 or 6 months.  A three-month option is offered in a few countries beginning in September.  This year IFYE USA is offering a special exchange in partnership with United Soybean Board for IFYE exchanges in Europe and East and Southeast Asia.  They will offer typical home stays as well as in country programming with government and commodity representatives on commodity marketing.  Kansas Soy is participating in these special IFYE exchanges.  To be selected for these special IFYE exchanges applicants need be approved as an IFYE, have a connection with soybeans and plan a career related to agriculture.  Those selected receive paid expenses.   For current information on IFYE exchanges go to International 4-H Youth Programs (IFYE) (kansas4-h.org).

Applicants for Kansas 4-H International Exchanges through States 4-H or IFYE will find applications on the web page for their age group.  All Kansas Applications are due November 1, 2021 2022 exchanges.  They will receive information about required state interviews on November 21, 2021 in Junction City.  Contact Mary Kay Munson, State Coordinator, at 785-375-3189 or mkm2@ksu.edu for information.