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4-H Youth Development

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Dog Care and Training Action Team

PuppyThe Dog Care and Training Action Team is a group of 4-H members, volunteer 4-H leaders and KSRE staff members who are passionate about dogs. New members are accepted on a year-round basis. The dog action team meets face-two-face two times per year, and 3-4 times per year by Zoom/conference calls.

Dog Action Team Members 2021-2022

  • Chris Otto, Riley County (Chair)
  • Lynn Mork, Sedgwick County (Vice Chair)
  • Mandalyn Otto, Riley County (Secretary)
  • Anna Atherton, Harvey County
  • Ginger Fairbanks, Wildcat District 
  • Rebekah Heck, Sedgwick County 
  • Jonathan Hoepner, Riley County
  • Brooklyn Loveless, Sedgwick County
  • Izzy Loveless, Sedgwick County
  • Jill Martinson, Dickinson County
  • Rylie May, Harvey County
  • Danny McReynolds, River Valley District
  • Alex Mork, Sedgwick County
  • Whitney Ossola, Reno County
  • Josie Reed, Greenwood County
  • Madison Repp, Central Kansas District
  • Tracy Repp, Central Kansas District
  • Karen Riedmiller, Sedgwick County
  • Stephanie Shupe, Leavenworth County
  • Becky Smith, Johnson County
  • Sierra Smith, Johnson County
  • Karen VanWinkle, Meadowlark District
  • Cindy Williams, Meadowlark District
  • Aliah Mestrovich Seay, 4-H Youth Development Specialist and Faculty Liaison

Dog Action Team Minutes

Kansas 4-H Dog Action Team minutes are available digitally upon request.