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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

June 14, 2019

Federal ES-237 Report Due September 15

Submitted by Terry Roberts

Each year, local Extension units are responsible for completing the Federal ES-237 Report by September 15, 2019

What is the ES-237 Report?
The ES-237 is a collaborative effort, involving all KSRE Agents and the State 4-H office.  This report is required by the USDA and contains a breakdown of youth outreach and development.

How is the ES-237 Report Completed?
When 4-H members enroll in 4HOnline and local Extension staff approve those enrollments, the ES-237 Report begins to take form with 4-H Youth Development data.  The rest of the report is populated by manually entering “Group Enrollments” into 4HOnline.  A Group Enrollment is a collection of youth demographic data from the audience of a K-State Research and Extension activity or event. 

What types of KSRE Programming Should be entered?
Programming efforts to report include special interest, short term and after school programs, school enrichment, day or overnight camps.  It is not limited to 4-H, 4HOnline is simply the system used to report data for the ES-237 Report.

How do I complete this process?
There is a paper Group Enrollment Form available to assist in the compilation of demographics.  The data must then be entered into 4HOnline by September 15.  Each local Extension office and the State 4-H Office have the ability to create 4HOnline Manager Accounts for KSRE staff and may assist in answering questions regarding Creating Group Enrollments in 4HOnline.

The 4HOnline County Administrator in each local Extension office is responsible for completion of the End of Year Cleanup & ES-237 Report to ensure the ES-237 Report balances and 4HOnline is ready for the upcoming 4-H Program Year. This resource is located at the bottom of the 4-H Enrollment Support Page, along with supplemental materials and a completion reporting link.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Terry Roberts in the State 4-H office with any questions you may have.

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