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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

June 14, 2019

Kansas 4-H Program Responsibility Shifts with Deryl Waldren’s Retirement

Submitted by Deryl Waldren

Deryl Waldren is retiring after nearly 38-years of Extension/4-H work in Kansas, Colorado and California. Deryl will retire on June 29, 2019. Deryl, since 2006, has had Kansas 4-H program responsibilities for SpaceTech, Kansas 4-H Ambassador Training, Global Citizenship and Exchange Programs, Wheat Program and the Dog Care and Training Program. With his retirement, there will be shifts in responsibilities, and all questions may now be directed to the following 4-H specialists.

Kansas 4-H SpaceTech and Kansas 4-H SpaceTech Action Team – Anissa Jepsen
Kansas 4-H Ambassador Training and Kansas 4-H Ambassador Action Team – Amy Sollock
Kansas 4-H Dog Care and Training and Kansas 4-H Dog Action Team – Shane Potter

Deryl Waldren has been contracted back through October 31, 2019, to provide Kansas 4-H program support for:

Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo, August 8th in Kingman
Kansas 4-H Wheat Variety Plot Program, 2019-20
Kansas 4-H Global Citizenship and Exchange Programs
Kansas 4-H Japanese Exchange, July 21-August 18
Kansas IFYE Association liaison
Kansas 4-H IFYE's coming to Kansas Summer 2019
Kansas State Fair 4-H support in 4-H/FFA crops, 4-H crops identification contest, 4-H wheat variety plot awards and wheat variety plot wheat pick up.

To contact Deryl for these program areas, please e-mail, dwaldren@ksu.edu or call 303-349-7403.

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