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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

June 14, 2019

KSF 4-H SpaceTech High Powered Rocketry Correction

Submitted by Deryl E Waldren

There is a misprint in the final copy for high powered rockets in Section B, number 4 a-e. The correct text is printed below.
B. Exhibit Definitions for ALL rocketry categories:
4. For the purposes of Kansas 4-H SpaceTech a high powered rocket is defined as a rocket that meets any of the following criteria:
a. Weighs more than 3.3125 pounds (53 ounces or 1500 grams) at the time of launch;
b. Uses a ‘H’ engine or larger to launch;
c. The total impulse of all engines used in the rocket is greater than 160.01 Newton-seconds of thrust;
d. Includes any airframes parts of ductile, metal, though, the use of ductile metal is strongly discouraged;
e. Models powered by rocket motors not classified as model rocket motors per NFPA 1122, e.g.:
i. Average thrust in excess of 80.01 Newtons
ii. Contains in excess of 125 grams of propellant and are limited to only H and I motors.
iii. Uses a hybrid motor or a motor designed to emit sparks

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