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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

June 14, 2019

New List of County Fair Food Judges

Submitted by Diane Mack

A list was compiled of those who attended food judges training in 2019 and indicated that they would be willing to judge. The training was taught by Karen Blakeslee, Extension Associate, Rapid Response Center Coordinator in Great Bend and Junction City, so there are names from across the state.

The list is password protected at: https://www.northeast.k-state.edu/4-h/index.html

Judging Foods at the Fair Resource Page:
Karen developed this resource page. Please send this link to the judges that you have secured for a refresher. Included are resources for both foods and food preservation. Videos are provided on each topic and extra resources to accompany each video at https://www.rrc.k-state.edu/judging/index.html.

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