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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

August 16, 2019

2020 Outbound Exchange Applications Due November 1

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Teens ages 12-18 will have several opportunities for 4-H exchange trips in 2020.  Those over 15 will have a first-time option to travel to Romania next summer.  This will be a one-month trip from late June to late July.  Other countries receiving exchangees during this time period are Costa Rica and Norway.  Twelve and older is the age for exchanges to Japan, where delegates may choose either an 8-week exchange to start mid-June, which includes a Japanese language/culture class in Tokyo prior to the home stay experience, or a 4-week exchange beginning in July with just the home stay. 

Both Japan exchanges return just before most Kansas schools start in August.  Other one-month exchanges running from mid-July to mid-August will go to South Korea and Taiwan.  Details on all exchanges for 4-H age teens and the 2020 application should be posted on the Kansas 4-H web site https://www.kansas4-h.org/events-activities/global-citizenship/kansas-4-h-international-exchanges/ after September 5.  Contact Mary Kay Munson, Kansas 4–H Exchange Coordinator, at munson@ksbroadband.net or 785-238-3631 for more information.  Please leave a message.  Applications are due to her November1 and required interviews are November 24 in Junction City.    

4-H Alumni 19-25 are eligible for the IFYE Outbound exchanges to countries in Europe, Asia and Latin American between June and December, 2020.  While exchanges are advertised as 3 or 6 months, they may accommodate requirements to return in late August.  Countries willing to host Americans in 2020 include: Argentina, Austria, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Thailand.  The Philippines, Poland, Slovenia and Uruguay are possible.  Others may be added.  Opportunities exist to earn college credit at the delegate’s college, and internships may be arranged with international companies.  Go to the Kansas 4-H web page (link above) or www.IFYEUSA.org  for details.  Kansas applicants should apply by November 1 and plan interviews November 24.  Contact Mary Kay Munson with questions.

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