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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

July 15, 2022

FairEntry and 4-H Online Integration Reminders

Submitted by McKenzie Zimmermann

As we begin prepping for county and state fairs, I wanted to share a few reminders with all Extensions professionals who work with FairEntry and 4-H Online.

  • Why we use FairEntry integration: Integrating FairEntry and 4-H Online data allow you to access essential members, clubs, projects, and animal types directly from 4-H Online.
  • How do we approve integration: Follow the steps below to successfully integrate data between FairEntry and 4-H Online.
    • When you log in to 4-H Online, you will see the FairEntry integration request on the Home page. Click Review to approve requests as needed.
    • You will see an informational screen. Click the blue-button to Approve data integration.
    • In the lower right is a section “Fair Integrations” that lists the fair(s) that are integrated with your county’s 4HOnline data.
  • Important to know:
    • Each year, when the fair manager begins setting up the new year’s fair, 4-H Online integration will need to be requested and approved.
    • The primary county or unit 4-H Online Admin must be the one to approve the integration at the county level.
      • If you do not know who your county’s primary 4-H Online admin is, please contact McKenzie Zimmermann (mlcox@ksu.edu).
    • The state does not approve county integration.
    • The state office will approve the overall integration as we approach the state fair.
  • Please review the guidance sheet Requesting and Approving 4-H Online Integration for more details regarding multi-county entries, district integration, and other helpful tidbits.

If you have questions about FairEntry, please contact Dona Ratliff (dsratliff@ksu.edu)
If you have questions about 4-H Online, please contact McKenzie Zimmermann (mlcox@ksu.edu)