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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

July 15, 2022

Welcome New 4-H Staff! 4-H Online Resources

Submitted by McKenzie Zimmermann

Welcome new 4-H Staff!

Welcome to all the new staff who have 4-H responsibilities! I wanted to share some helpful resources about 4-H Online to help you get familiar with the system.

  • 4-H Online
    • Direct link to 4-H Online
    • If you do not have a manager profile and need one, please reach out (mlzim@ksu.edu) and we will get you set up with one.
  • 4-H Online Staff Resources
    • This webpage is protected behind a firewall. In order to access them, you will need to sign in to your K-State account.
  • 4-H Online Orientation
    • This document provides a brief introduction to various resources about 4-H Online
  • Common 4-H Online Q&A for Staff
    • With a system as vast as 4-H Online, there are bound to be questions! This document is a compiled list of common questions relating to 4-H Online. This document is a great go-to for general 4-H Online management.
  • County Manager Guide
    • This is the complete County Manager Guide from RegistrationMax, the company that owns 4-H Online.
  • 4-H Online Help Center
    • This is a resource for anyone who has access to 4-H Online. This is where you can view program updates, view support articles, and submit a ticket.
  • 4-H Online Staff Training
    • There are a total of 6 pre-recorded videos about various aspects of 4-H Online. These are incredibly helpful if you will be working within 4-H Online often.
  • 4-H Online Support Team
    • On this team, you will find general information about 4-H Online, communications, previously shared updates, a place to report bugs/glitches and to request a custom report build, staff training, and a place for transfer requests.
  • 4-H Online Updates ListServ
    • For updates regarding all things 4-H Online, subscribe to this listserv 4-H-ONLINE-UPDATES@LISTSERV.KSU.EDU

We are happy to have you join the 4-H Youth Development team! Please reach out to McKenzie Zimmermann (mlzim@ksu.edu) for any questions related to 4-H Online.