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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

July 15, 2022

4-H Visual Arts at the KSF

Submitted by Robyn Trussel

As we all head into County Fair season, just wanted to share some 4-H Visual Arts clarifications with everyone.  All Visual Arts exhibits at the KSF will be judged using the Visual Arts Rubric, which can be found on the Kansas 4-H website. Each county/local unit will be able to send five entries to the KSF, one each in the following five categories.

  1. Fine Arts - canvas, canvas board, paper, wood, metal, or textiles, framed as a picture, prepared for hanging.

  2. Clay and Ceramics - Any original item made of clay; may be fired or unfired, hand formed or thrown on a wheel.  Self-hardening, fire/oven cured or cornstarch clays are all acceptable.                                NOTICE:  Slip casting ceramics is a form of ceramics, but the exhibitor was focused on surface decoration/painting, staining etc. and this type of ceramic will fall into the General Craft section at KSF.

  3. Leather and Jewelry - Any leather stamping, carving, tooling, lacing or stitching piece or any jewelry piece made from any medium are acceptable exhibits.

  4. Three Dimensional - the piece must be observable on at least three sides and should be free-standing or prepared to be hung.  Craft and preformed or assembled projects are not acceptable.

  5. General Crafts - this category incorporates miscellaneous pieces that do not correspond to the four above mentioned categories.

We are also looking for volunteers in this section, if anyone wants to help us at the KSF.  If you have other questions feel free to contact Robyn at rdeines@ksu.edu.