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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

July 15, 2022

Kansas State Fair Entry Information

Submitted by Dona Ratliff

With County/District's hosting local fairs right now, it's time to prepare for promoting those entries that qualify, on to the Kansas State Fair. For 2022, there are some changes.  

  •  FFA entries will go through the Kansas State Fair Entry System.

  •  Dairy Goat and Dairy Cattle entries should be entered in the Kansas State Fair Entry system and can be done by the families, themselves.  

  • The following documents are posted on the Kansas 4-H State Fair webpage behind the Additional Staff Resources: Kansas State Fair Ticket Ordering Instructions, 2022 KS FairEntry Collection Sheet, and the 2022 Letter to Agents.

  • Similar to last year, youth will receive two entry tickets as exhibitors in lieu of premiums.  County/Districts MUST ORDER BY MIDNIGHT ON 8/14/22. No late orders this year. 

  • More information on signing up Volunteers AND a link to enter Team Entries for Kansas State Fair 4-H Contests will be coming soon.

As always, please email dsratlif@ksu.edu or call 785-532-5800 with any Kansas State Fair 4-H related questions.