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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

July 15, 2022

2022 Kansas 4-H/Japanese Exchange

Submitted by Pam Van Horn

Thirty-one Japanese delegates are spending July 22 – August 14 in Kansas participating in a family summer cultural experience. The 28 youth and 3 adult chaperones are members of LABO and LEX organizations that focus on learning foreign languages and experiencing first-hand different cultures. The youth delegates, ages 12-16 are excited to come to the United States and Kansas after the exchange was cancelled two-years because of the Covid pandemic.

The Kansas Families that are welcoming Japanese Exchange delegates are:
Tyler and Leah Alpers, 21 Central District, Stafford County
Brenton and Anna Anderson, Central Kansas District, Saline County
Levi and Mandi Blumanhourst, Reno County
Casey and Cammie Bowman, Sedgwick County
Sarah Diehl, Post Rock District, Lincoln County
Jarrod and Crystal Ecton, Coffey County
Brian and Diane Eflin, Johnson County
Richard and Julia Fechter, Rolling Prairie District, Elk County
Justice and Jana Gannaway, Cherokee County
Paula Gardner, Marais des Cygnes District, Miami County
Michelle Griffin and Lawrence Coats, Central Kansas District, Saline County
Doug and Brooke Hebert, Butler County
Vance and Becky Henderson, Cowley County
Samuel and Crystal Hill, Pawnee County
Justin and Katlyn Hlaus, Midway District, Ellsworth County
Joe and Suzanne Hokett, Central Kansas District, Saline County
Timothy and Natalie Jepson-Kundiger, Wildcat District, Crawford County
Tim and Diane Jones, Leavenworth County
Herb and Myriam Landwehr, Barber County
Allison Lecklider, Central Kansas District, Saline County
John and Cindy Malone, Meadowlark District, Jefferson County
Steve and Suzie Martin, Marais des Cygnes District, Miami County
Donna Maskus, Cottonwood District, Ellis County
Jimmie and Crystal Parker, Golden Prairie District, Trego County
Scott and Valerie Rock, Chisholm Trail District, Dickinson County
Brian and Angela Schroeder, Sedgwick County
Justin and Mashea Shultz, Cherokee County
Steve and Lara Staker, Wildcat District, Wilson County
Pam Van Horn, Riley County
Robert and Gail Wege/Collins, Pottawatomie County
Jason and Crystal Wilmer, Butler County
Nathan and Shana Wood, Shawnee County

Hat’s off to a great group of 4-H and non 4-H families that have opened their home for a culture experience!