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4-H Youth Development

4-H Club Corner

Welcome to the 4-H Club Corner! Thank you for volunteering to share your time and talents as a 4-H club leader. Below are tools and resources to support you in your role. We appreciate you creating a rich and vibrant 4-H club experience for members and their families.

If there are additional resources that you need, please contact your local extension agent.

principlesreflectionswelcoming new membersGreet Sheet
Youth Program Quality Principles4-H Club Meeting ReflectionsWelcoming New 4-H Members4-H Greet Sheet
new family guideCreative  toolboxrollcall
       New Family Guide
   Creative Ideas to
Enhance Club Meetings
 4-H Club Leader's ToolboxCreative Roll Call Ideas
agendalearningpathwaymorethanafairentry puzzle 
4-H Club Meeting AgendaKansas 4-H Learning Pathway

 A 4-H Project:
More than a 
Fair Entry

Putting a Meeting Together 
mtg wheelTeam BuildingConnectingparent's committee
4-H Meeting WheelVirtual Team Building
*used with permission*
Connecting New Families4-H Parents Committee