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4-H Youth Development

Kansas Volunteer Leader Forum

The Kansas Volunteer Leaders Forum is an opportunity for volunteers from around the state to learn together while building a network of likeminded passionate adults.  Participants will have the opportunity to dive into interactive content they can use to engage their youth members, connect with state and local extension staff to learn about new and exciting 4-H happenings, and engage with the Kansas Association of 4-H Volunteers as a support system for volunteering efforts throughout the year.

What:  The Kansas Volunteer Forum

When:  Tentative Dates - November 19-20, 2022

Where: Rock Springs 4-H Center

Who:  4-H Volunteers and Staff

Registration:  Coming Soon 

Registration Deadline: October 1, 2022

Fees:  (coming soon)

  • KVF Standard Registration - 
  • KVF KA4-HV Lifetime Member Registration - 
  • Friday Night Early Arrival - 
  • KYLF Long Sleeve T-Shirt - 

Schedule:  (coming Soon)